Who are The Fuzzies?

We are a trio of girls who love music. We love going to concerts.

Old photo of the Fuzzies

I’ll go into more about how we came about one day, maybe you’re curious, maybe you’re not. Doesn’t matter.

This website is here for us girls to put pictures from concerts and other things about music. I hope to get the rest of the girls into using this site a bit more now that it’s going to be a bit easier to handle for everyone (being, I’m just gonna use wordpress instead of design my own site for the time being).

I’m Sushi (also known as Susan), by the way. Desi and Claire finish off the trio. If you want to contact me my email is sushi(at)thefuzzies(dot)net.

If you were wondering, this site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with view settings at least 1024×768.