Here’s the deal. I lost all the pictures I had taken in 2005-2006 or something like that (actually a lot more than that) because of a stupid power outage. So I’m just going to start all over.

The only photos I actually have are pictures of Ryan Star, Vaux, and a few bands from Warped ‘06, good thing I still do a little print photography.

I wish to start going to shows and taking photos again. Hopefully, more will be added to this collection soon!

Band name Date Venue
Strata 02-03-05 The Moore Theatre
Warped Tour 2006 07-15-06 Gorge Amphitheater
Ryan Star 10-16-06 The Showbox
alexisonfire 08-15-09 Gorge Amphitheater
Tumbledown 08-15-09 Gorge Amphitheater
Scary Kids Scaring Kids 08-15-09 Gorge Amphitheater
Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band 08-15-09 Gorge Amphitheater
Tumbledown 08-29-09 Showbox
Vision and Valor 08-29-09 Showbox
Kopek 04-15-11 Silver Platters
Oceans Divide 04-15-11 Studio 7
Kopek 04-15-11 Studio 7
Egypt Central 04-15-11 Studio 7
Falling Blind 04-22-11 Studio 7
Absolution 04-22-11 Studio 7
Taproot 04-22-11 Studio 7
Absolution 04-24-11 Backstage Bar
Taproot 04-24-11 Backstage Bar
The Trophy Fire 07-23-11 El Corazon
Fair to Midland 07-23-11 El Corazon
dredg 07-23-11 El Corazon
Family Force 5 08-13-11 Gorge Amphitheater
Gym Class Heroes 08-13-11 Gorge Amphitheater
I Set My Friends on Fire 08-13-11 Gorge Amphitheater
A Day to Remember 08-13-11 Gorge Amphitheater
Opeth 10-15-11 Showbox SoDo
Friendly Fires 10-19-11 Neptune Theatre
Theophilus London 10-19-11 Neptune Theatre
Mariachi el Bronx 10-24-11 Crocodile Cafe
Ballyhoo! 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
Memphis May Fire 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
blessthefall 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
Vampires Everywhere 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
Rise to Remain 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
Every Time I Die 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
For Today 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
lostprophets 08-04-12 White River Amphitheatre
lostprophets 08-05-12 Rose Quarter Riverfront (Portland)